Preventative Maintenance

It is not enough that your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration needs are met. It is also essential that we keep your equipment running in top condition to deliver optimal performance. That’s why we offer annual,bi-annual, monthly,bi-monthly, & quarterly preventative maintenance contracts.


Preventive maintenance is the care and servicing of equipment by our qualified personnel for the purpose of maintaining them in satisfactory operating condition. This is done by providing for systematic inspection, detection, and correction of impending failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Preventive maintenance, including tests, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacement, are performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring.


A schedule of planned maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures is essential in keeping your heating, air conditioning, & refrigeration equipment safe and efficient. These actions are designed to preserve and enhance equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail.  

Why Preventive Maintenance?

One misconception about preventive maintenance is that it is unduly costly. This logic dictates that it would cost more for regularly scheduled downtime and maintenance than it would normally cost to operate equipment until repair is absolutely necessary. This may be true for some components; however, one should compare not only the costs but the long-term benefits and savings associated with preventive maintenance. Without preventive maintenance, for example, costs for lost production time from unscheduled equipment breakdown will be incurred. Also, preventive maintenance will result in savings due to an increase of effective system service life.


Long-term benefits of preventive maintenance include:


  • Improved system reliability
  • Decreased cost of replacement components
  • Decreased system downtime
  • Keep utility costs down


Long-term effects and cost comparisons usually favor preventive maintenance over performing maintenance actions only when the system fails.


We provide preventive maintenance service that is comprised of equipment operational check, lubrication, cleaning, & adjustments for maximum efficiency and reliability, belts, filters, etc.


 This service helps to foresee, or halt any future problems with your heating & cooling systems, increasing their efficiency, and longevity. Also, at any time, our clients can call us for servicing, as we are on call 24/7.