Manitowoc Ice is America's number one selling brand of ice machines for a reason - energy efficiency, reliability, and a service and support network that is second to none. Manitowoc provides highly reliable flaker ice machines that deliver small, hard bits of ice ideal for presentation applications in retail and other operations. These are available in both modular air-cooled and undercounter.


Beautifully designed hotel dispensers designed for bucket filling by guests are also provided by Manitowoc. These machines feature a smooth streamlined design and a patented rocking chute dispense mechanism reduces in-flight ice and ice spillage with quick on/off activation. Manitowoc Ice's CVD Remote condensing unit is for S-Series and QuietCube ice machines. Vertical discharge remote condenser are also available for Multiplex chillers.


For bins and storage, you can choose from three styles and countless capacities within those style ranges. B-Style are highly designed and offer the perfect fit and finish for the S-Series, C-Style is a more traditional styled bin and F-Style large capacity bins that feature a sliding gate for increased safety.




All of these products are available through U.S. Mechanical Services, a Manitowoc Ice official partner and distributor.