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Heil Heating and Cooling


Heil Heating & Cooling


Maximum comfort and convenience can only come from a reliable heating and cooling brand with years of experience in providing ambient air conditions to homes and businesses. Heil heating and cooling equipment is trusted by many homeowners and business owners for providing consistent temperatures, humidity control, increased air quality, and thus improved working and living conditions regardless of season. With Heil products, your home or office can be comfortable spaces for your family or employees to live and work. Heil technologies also help your climate systems work efficiently, allowing you to save money on monthly energy costs. Experience quality air conditioners today by choosing a trusted name in efficient heating and cooling - Heil.





SEER Rating


Before we discuss the quality air conditioning units of Heil, it is important to define SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, to help us determine the right air conditioning unit for our needs. SEER rating measures the efficiency of air conditioning units. The SEER rating of a unit is the ratio of the cooling output produced during a typical cooling season to the total electric energy input for the same period. In more technical terms, SEER is the ratio of cooling in British thermal unit (BTU) to the consumed energy measured in watt-hours. In simple terms, which is especially useful when buying an AC unit for your home or office, a unit with a higher SEER rating is more energy efficient.


Heil Air Conditioners


Experience Heil's most efficient cooling systems by getting the QuietComfort Deluxe Series of air conditioners. As you feel the summer heat, you will be glad to have this quiet air conditioning appliance to restore comfort levels to your home or workplace. No longer will you have to live or go about your tasks in the sweltering heat or tolerate your old air conditioner's poor performance. With Heil's air conditioners, you can have superior dehumidification for added comfort. Hot summer weather is not a match for our advanced air conditioners equipped with SmartSense, a variable-speed mechanism that detects the smallest changes in air conditions to guarantee superior comfort and energy savings.


Heil's air conditioners are whisper-quiet, indicating the efficiency of the system as no mechanical energy is put to waste. This quality Heil product is also built to be durable with a tough grille to resist weathering and debris. It is also corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. Furthermore, it has Wi-Fi-enabled control access for convenient communication. This particular A/C system has a SEER of 19.


Heil Heating Appliances


When it starts to get cold outside, you can still keep warm indoors by using reliable Heil Heating Appliances. These highly efficient products include state-of-the-art gas furnaces that deliver superior comfort in rooms. Heil's QuietComfort Deluxe Gas Furnaces involve energy-saving modulation and two-stage operation to achieve even temperature control and quiet operation.


When used with a Heil Air Conditioner for full functionality and the Observer communicating wall control, the Deluxe Gas Furnace can deliver the right levels of temperature, quiet performance, and energy savings. The variable-speed blower also means improved summer dehumidification and possible SEER improvement as the furnace works with the A/C unit to draw moisture out of the air.


Quality Heil Heating and Cooling Products


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U.S. Mechanical Services has reliable Heil heating and air conditioning systems to provide you with comfortable settings without spending excessively on energy consumption. Throughout the year, you can maintain quality air conditions inside your home or office so that you can focus on living and working comfortably. Trust U.S. Mechanical Services today for installation and servicing of Heil Heating and Cooling products.


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