Carrier Air Conditioning

Carrier Air Conditioning


Carrier Air Conditioning


When choosing an air conditioning system or unit, you can select from many different brands available in the market to address your HVAC needs. Many companies produce quality products, but one name stands out in the industry because of its reliability and trustworthiness: Carrier. Carrier air conditioning systems are synonymous with comfort and convenience. Carrier products are found in many homes because the company has more than a century of heating and cooling innovation, dependability, and quality, which are enjoyed by millions of users.




History of Carrier Air Conditioners


This air conditioning brand is a popular choice among many homeowners because of its strong foundation in the industry. Willis Carrier, the founder of the company, is known as the father of air conditioning. Graduating with a master’s degree in engineering from Cornell University, Carrier received his first patent for the first A/C device in 1906: "Apparatus for Treating Air" (US Patent No. 808897). Since then, Carrier air conditioners entered early factory production. He then founded the Carrier Engineering Corporation in 1915.


The first Carrier air conditioning system was set up in a printing facility in New York. As temperature and humidity were a constant problem in the plant, Carrier's A/C system was able to effectively control these environmental factors. Thereafter, Carrier A/C systems were installed in other industries to help product manufacturers control levels of temperature and humidity levels during production. Industries that significantly benefitted from Carrier air conditioning systems include cotton, medicines, film, tobacco, and others.


In 1924, Carrier started to aim at making people comfortable in addition to cooling air for industrial purposes. Using the term "Manufactured Weather," Carrier started to cool air in banks and retail stores. In 1950, Carrier's air conditioners started to make their way to homes. Carrier began to work on innovations to improve its cooling systems so that they can be efficiently controlled from homes. In addition, Carrier's heating systems also started to gain popularity, especially for residential applications.


Quality Carrier A/C


Why Choose Carrier Air Conditioners?


A major advantage of Carrier air conditioning systems is reliability. Carrier products have remained a popular choice among homeowners because they are built to last. This company has dedicated its resources to building air conditioning products that can work for many years. Homeowners can be assured that their home's air conditioning systems can work efficiently and effectively for a long time, under normal operation and regular maintenance.


In addition, compared with other major brands in the market, Carrier products are affordable. Homeowners can always find Carrier air conditioning products that will suit their budget. Furthermore, distributors of Carrier products can provide financing options so that homeowners can afford a new or replacement unit.


Energy efficiency is also a key advantage to using Carrier air conditioning systems. These products allow homeowners to save money on energy use. Carrier air conditioners consume less energy because they are Energy Star compliant, which means reduced energy bills for homeowners. As a result, and increasing number of homeowners choose to install Carrier products because of the energy efficiency of the units. With a higher SEER rating, homeowners can see reduced energy consumption as their systems operate, which results in fewer resources used to cool homes.


In conclusion, the Carrier brand is reliable, affordable, and energy-efficient. Homeowners can rely on Carrier air conditioners for comfort while significantly saving money in the process. Talk to one of the representatives of U.S. Mechanical Services today to learn more about Carrier air conditioners.


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